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Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Marie-Pierre Bonniol
Marie-Pierre Bonniol
Artist, Curator, Participant
Marie-Pierre Bonniol is a French artist, curator and producer, member of C|E|A and based in Berlin. Graduated in Visual Arts and Aesthetics and Sciences of Art (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), she first operated in the music field. Within her current and recent projects, she collaborates with Guy Maddin for his collage work, and curates Experiment 120, an itinerant programme of experimental films for kids (7+) which is presented in institutions and open to artist films, documentation on artworks, video art, animation and films made by children. As a video artist and filmmaker, her work is presented as installations in exhibitions and in film festivals, and she’s currently developing an experimental feature film project on video games. She also operates in the literature field, at the cross of visual arts, with the project Hôtel des Autrices in direction of women* authors.
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