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Maria Marvila

1991, Barcelona

Maria Marvila
Maria Marvila

Based in Barcelona, Marvila’s practice is born from a need to understand belongingness in relation to a habitat. Her processes grow slowly and progressively, taking her own corporal experience as the main tool to interpret and interact with a space. She uses the media that adapts best to each context, so far having worked with sculpture, photography, moving image and painting. Her work has been exhibited in Fabra i Coats – Centre d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona, Spain (2019); Despina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2018); Mecànic, Barcelona, Spain (2018); lokal_30, Warsaw, Poland (2017); Córtex Frontal Artist Residency, Arraiolos, Portugal (2016). She is MFA in Production and Artistic Research, Universitat de Barcelona (2019), and Bachelor in Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona (2015).

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