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Lluís Miñarro


Lluís Miñarro
Lluís Miñarro
Artist, Curator

Born in Barcelona, Luís Miñarro is a maverick filmmaker devoted to ‘indie’ arty films. 

With his production company Eddie Saeta he has taken part in 37 unpredictable full-lenght films that have taken part in more than 800 occasions in the principal international festivals, film libraries and museums as the MOMA or the Tate Modern. He has collaborated with Guerin, Marc Recha, Albert Serra, Rebollo, Lisandro Alonso, Oliveira, Apichatpong, Kawase, among others. His movies have obtained 105 awards, between them the Palme d’Or in Cannes 2010.

He has directed “Familystrip” (2009), “Blow Horn” (2009) and “Stella Cadente” (2014).

He took part in Loop 2012 in the organization of the Art & Film Panel.

He has presented retrospectives of his work in Valencia, Saragossa, Andalusia, Madrid, Mexico D.F, Tangier, Montevideo, Beijing, Fortaleza and Barcelona. He has been Jury Member in Locarno, Sant Sebastian, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Karlovy Vary, Lecce, Mèxic D.F, Basilea, Tetuán and Cartagena de Indias.

Lluís Miñarro has been distinguished with the “Barcelona City Award” for his commitment to the arts.

Last Update 28th March 2017

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