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Llucià Homs

Llucià Homs
Llucià Homs

Llucià Homs is a cultural consultant, curator and art dealer. In 2011, he founded Talking Galleries and was director of its 1st edition (September 19–21). From 2011 to 2015, he was the Director of the Promotion of Cultural Industries at the Culture Institute of the Barcelona City Council (ICUB) and Director of La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. Homs studied law at the Barcelona University. In 1993, he opened his own gallery in Barcelona. Since 1999, the Llucià Homs gallery, made a firm commitment to young artists of different nationalities. He has been co-founder of the LOOP Festival in 2003, and managing partner of La Fàbrica Barcelona. On September 2016 he takes over as director of Talking Galleries. Every Sunday he publishes an article in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia on current issues in the international art.


Last update 25th October, 2018

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