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Lisa Boostani

Lisa Boostani
Lisa Boostani

Lisa Boostani, a French director, photographer, and performance artist of Iranian and Spanish heritage, thrives on crafting vivid cinematic scenes and ethereal environments. Her toolbox encompasses movement, dance, and intricate soundscapes. In her diverse artistic journey, she places herself centre stage, prodding at and reshaping concepts of identity and its visual portrayal. She deftly employs symbols and archetypes, weaving the mythical into a tapestry of playful absurdity and whimsical fantasy.

Based in Barcelona, Lisa has made her mark in the realms of fashion, advertising, and photography. Her creations have graced esteemed venues such as Centre Pompidou, Rencontres d’Arles, Villa Noailles, BMW Art Markers, Revelations Emerige, and Bourse de Paris. Her clientele boasts renowned names like Gucci, Desigual, Bershka, La Manso, Ader Error, Lolita Lempicka, Greygooze, and Fuuucking Young.

Drawing inspiration from a medieval alchemical manuscript, Lisa Boostani’s work, titled Alchimies (from the larger project Aurora Consurgens), beckons forth the elements. It extends an invitation to reconnect with the realm of senses and life, with the nature that encompasses us and the essence we, in turn, embody.

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