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Julia Calvo

1985, Madrid

Julia  Calvo
Julia Calvo

Julia Calvo is an artist whose practice moves within the fields of sculpture, performance and installations. Her works are large-scale actions that establish a dialogue with space and reflect on the context they display. This interest towards finding dialogue and questioning viewers on the spot sometimes leads to her projects taking the form of light colour in order to communicate directly through the perception of colour and shapes. The artist likewise creates atmospheres in the shape of austere exhibitions in which the simplicity of the items involved take on a transcendent scale. Her works have been presented in Spain (Centro Párraga, Espacio de Investigación y Desarrollo para las Artes Escénicas, the Artnueve gallery), in Barcelona (Montjuïc Castle and La Farinera del Clot), Finland (Forum Box), Germany (Genscher galerie, Hamburg), and in a number of art fairs throughout Spain, Germany and Switzerland (ARCO, SWAB, VUELTA, GIAF, Kunstfrühling, Bremen).

Last update 5th November 2021

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