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Jorge Núñez de la Visitación

1983, Santurtzi

Jorge Núñez de la Visitación
Jorge Núñez de la Visitación

Jorge Núñez de la Visitación, lives in Madrid. He is a filmmaker, illustrator, and musician. He was awarded a doctorate in Fine Arts in 2013 by the UPV-EHU for his doctoral thesis entitled Fricciones, Artificios dramáticos en el Cine contemporáneo. He was a guest lecturer at Máster InCreArte at the UPV-EHU. From 2013 to 2016 he was a co-director of the cultural space Puerta in Bilbao. His films include Marrón de Momia (2012), The Mask of Atlantis (2013), Teenagers 2001 (2015), Alien Witches (2016), the trilogy Night Terrors ( Abduction Scars (2018), Surface (2019) and Temple of Doom (2019)), Fleeting AKA The Night Flier AKA Full Exposure (2020) and the videogame Full Face (2021). He has collaborated in projects with Idensitat, Consorci de Museus CV, CC Las Cigarreras, Eremuak, Halfhouse, Matadero Crea, Tabakalera, Musac, Azala, Storm And Drunk, NauEstruch, Syros International Film Fest and The Guesthouse; and has organised since 2012, the festival for weird cinema Pantalla Fantasma.

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