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Jorge Esda

Jorge Esda
Jorge Esda
Curator, Project Manager

Jorge Esda is a cultural manager and curator. Since 2022, he has been co-directing the Vega de Agua art residency in Gran Canaria. This residency is dedicated to promoting projects that amplify collective practices and facilitate shared life experiences among local and international residents across diverse artistic disciplines, complemented by a program of public activities.

Jorge recently co-curated the exhibition ‘Suspense’ by Annabelle Adbo-Godeau at Orangerie München in 2022, collaborating with Tinatin Ghughunishvili-Brück. His current practice extends to working alongside curators Daria de Beauvais at the Palais de Tokyo and Corina Apostol for the Estonian Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale, as well as at Tallinn Art Hall.

Driven by a deep interest in concepts such as the “Right to the City” and “Culture Club,” Jorge has embarked on research projects during residencies at Izolyatsia (Kyiv, 2019), Vent Space (Tallinn, 2021), through the 5th edition of The Autumn School of Curating, with course leader Weng Xiaoyu, or through the i-Portunus fellowship (Tbilisi, 2019-2020). His master’s thesis delved into the connections between the LGBTIQ+ community in Tbilisi and Club Culture.

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