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Jaroslav Kysa


Jaroslav  Kysa
Jaroslav Kysa

Jaroslav Kysa lives and works in Bratislava. He studied in the Atelier of free 3D creativity at the Faculty of Arts, the Technical University of Košice and in the Atelier of space communication + at the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design. In 2011 he became a Szpilman Award laureate, in 2017 he won the NOVUM Foundation award and he was finalist of the Oskar Cepan Award (2004, 2014).  

“In my works, I’m trying to reflect contemporary society and confront a viewer with constantly changing presence and our insecure future. Through use of laws of physics and nature in my multimedia works, I contemplate upon humanity and its geopolitical issues. Thanks to magnetism, electrical mechanisms and software, I disrupt functioning of gravity and perception of time. I bring attention to “short circuits” of reality and its understanding. By corruption of basic human beliefs and knowledges about physical principles, I encourage questioning of general certitudes.” 

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