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Gabriel Millán

Gabriel  Millán
Gabriel Millán

Gabriel Millán is a musician and composer, the founder of the Barcelona-based Etermortifera experimental music project and a former member of the Snorkel Quintet improvisation ensemble. He has worked with composer Owen Kilfeather, poet Jaume Muñoz and the Live Coding Tolap Barcelona collective. He teaches entry-level sound design workshops with Pure Data and Arduino, and he has independently edited a number of albums and organised concert cycles with support from Convent Sant Agustí, showcasing experimental music against the backdrop of the chapels and the great hall of the former convent. Gabriel and the musical phenomenon interact as in a dance, joined together like pieces in constant movement, through direct contact, through attraction. As pieces of potential puzzles, limited in shape, undetermined in their combinations, set on a chessboard in a single, faceless end: sound. An imprint, a solid skeleton garbed in various smocks: oscillators, guitars, synthesisers, the human voice.

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