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Fernando Sánchez Castillo

Fernando Sánchez Castillo
Fernando Sánchez Castillo

Fernando Sánchez Castillo is one of the most relevant Spanish artists of his generation. He develops a critique from different perspectives to monumental discourses with the intention to disarticulate agents of power and representation. His work is an attempt to rewrite historical events, or at least to make us more aware of its complexities and traces, showing that history is constructed from many positions of power. Fernando Sánchez Castillo’s had solo exhibitions at important museums such as CA2M (Madrid), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Center for Contemporary Art (Linz, Austria), CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Malaga, Spain), MUSAC (León, Spain), among others.

His work is part of the most important museums and collections such as the Centre Georges Pompidou; Centro de Arte Reina Sofía; MUDAM (Luxembourg); Fundación NMAC, Rabobank, Caldic Collection, CA2M, Utrecht Centraal Museum, Skissernas Museum, Marta Herford (Germany), IVAM (Valencia, Spain), PAMM (Miami, U.S.A); Suzuki Collection (Japan), City of Arnhem and City of Amsterdam, among others.

Last update:  October 2021

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