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Federico Solmi

1973, Bolonia

Federico Solmi
Federico Solmi

Through satirical video installations, I portray a dystopian vision of our present-day society. The animations combine traditional media such as drawing and painting, with innovative media such as 3D animation, video-game technologies, and kinetic technology. I playfully and irreverently depict the most loathed aspects of contemporary life and western society through absurd narratives.
My process of creating video animation involves the construction and development of a virtual world within a video game engine. The textures of the environment and characters are scans of paintings and drawings I create at my studio together with my staff. They are applied to 3D models created in the software Maya and ZBrush. Within the game, I can use the first person view to explore the environment as a voyeur, and director. The characters are like puppets, and I animate them with computer scripts rather than strings. Shots of their actions are captured in real time with screen recording software, and edited together with audio. Once on display, the resulting animations merge seamlessly with the hand painted frames around each LCD monitor.
Overall, the projects can take from one to three years to complete. During production the narratives and images continually evolve, and are further developed with drawings and storyboards.

Last update 25th April, 2017.

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