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Eva Teppe

Eva Teppe
Eva Teppe

Eva Teppe is a German visual artist and composer.
She possesses a library of found footage material, which she collected and utilizes in a minimalistic method for a variety of her video works. Furthermore, Teppe collaborated with other musicians like Mika Vainio for 3 of her multi-channel video works.
The human figure is a constant element in Teppe’s work. Whether in interaction of strange and ambiguous human activity in the video installation “Private Matter”, or in the form of bodies found in public places in the photographic work “Shinjuku Twilight” and sometimes just body parts arranged in forests or as minimal moving portraits in her 5 channel video installation “Omerta”, which always likely leaves the onlooker feeling disturbed. Teppe’s works were shown at Hara Museum Tokyo, Daimler Contemporary Haus Huth, Kunstverein Marburg, Museum Folkwang Essen, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz, Gallery Anita Beckers, Transmediale Berlin, PhotoEspaña Madrid, IFFR Rotterdam, amongst others.

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