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Emmanuel Lambion

Emmanuel Lambion
Emmanuel Lambion

To use his own terminology, Emmanuel Lambion is a Brussels-based art worker i.e. curator, critic, and producer

Founder of Bn PROJECTS asbl, he is currently Deputy Director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, and Artistic Director of Maison Grégoire, an independent art centre, the second oldest in the Belgian capital, based in a listed modernist house by Henry Van de Velde. Lambion has also been developing a number of extra muros projects, in Belgium as abroad such as the cycle of exhibitions called Found in Translation, initiated in 2011. Besides, Lambion is also the conceptor of projects conceived for the public space, often apprehended in an immaterial and virtual understanding of the word: B-1010/be-DIX_TIENPark58The Bn Project, La Biennale des Biennales, or PIETRO in Beaumont (FR) in the framework of the programme Nouveaux Commanditaires of Fondation de France. Generally, his practice revolves around a concept of decompartmentalization, originating in the questioning of norms and codes, reactivated in a creative way. Emmanuel Lambion is currently Vice-President of IKT, the international association for curators in contemporary art and Board Member of  AICA Belgium.


Last update: November 11th, 2019

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