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Elisa Pardo Puch

Elisa Pardo Puch
Elisa Pardo Puch

Elisa Pardo Puch’s work takes as its starting point autobiographical events, emotions and everyday situations from which she extracts elements and forms to set a plastic process in motion.

The artist works with techniques that allow her to proceed in an intuitive, repetitive and meticulous way – such as drawing or sewing – and uses the tension that arises between industrial elements and artisanal procedures. Through different formats, he explores the potential of disposable and poor materials to think and create from their own connotations, inverting or disabling.

Pardo Puch seeks and extends these moments of repetition, of insistence, which often occur with the use of geometry. In these physical processes, in the trance of his own elaboration, of contact with the material, Pardo Puch finds a self-absorbed distance where ideas emerge, conceiving the process itself as a form of channelling.

Graduate in Fine Arts by UCM (2014). Graduated in Master in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture by UAM and UCM (2017). Higher Studies in Graphic Design at Escuela de Arte 10, Madrid (2010). Erasmus at Duperré Art School, Paris (2009). 

Solo exhibitions: Bajo el cielo de la noche, Luis Adelantado, Valencia (2023); A Strange Fairytale, Pradiauto, ArteSantander (2023); Metal Heart: Lo que pesa, Departamento, Bilbao (2023); La Espera, Pradiauto, Madrid (2022).

Her work was exhibited at Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona (2023); AIR Munich, Germany (2022), Pradiauto, Madrid (2022, 2021); Aragon Park, Madrid (2021); Matadero, Madrid (2020); Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid (2020); INJUVE, Madrid (2017); XVII Premio Joven Artes Plásticas UCM, Madrid (2016).

She was selected for GlogauAIR, Berlín (January- June 2024); Miquel Casablancas Prize, Barcelona (2024); Villa Bergerie residency by Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Huesca (2023); AIR Munich (2022); Centro de Residencias Artísticas Matadero, Madrid (2020); XXIX Circuitos de las Artes Plásticas Comunidad de Madrid (2018); CALL XX, Luis Adelantado, Valencia (2018); Nada Sobra, Second Acquisition Prize, Universidad Nebrija, Madrid (2017).

She gave a workshop at Centre Pompidou, Malaga (2023). She participated in Programa Chimenea, La Casa Encendida (2017). She self-published fanzines participating in Picnic Session, CA2M (2017).

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