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Dora García

1969, Valladolid, Spain

Dora García
Dora García
Artist, Participant

Dora García was born in Spain and studied in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a young artist she moved to Brussels where she lived for 16 years; and she moved to Barcelona five years ago. She has always been interested in anti-heroic and marginal personas as a prototype to study the social status of the artist, and in narratives of resistance and counterculture. In this regard, Dora García has developed films on the DDR political police, the Stasi (“Rooms, Conversations”, film, 24 ‘, 2006), on the charismatic figure of US stand up comedian Lenny Bruce (“Just because everything is different it does not mean that anything has changed, Lenny Bruce in Sydney”, one-time performance and 60 min. film, Sydney Biennale, 2008) or on the origins of antipsychiatry (“The Deviant Majority”, film, 34′, 2010). Lately she has frequented Finnegans Wake reading groups (“The Joycean Society”, film, 53’, 2013). She is currently preparing a feature length film on Argentinian author Oscar Masotta.

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