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David Armengol

1974, Barcelona

David Armengol
David Armengol

His curatorial work has two types of interest: the possibilities of the art writing and the revision and the figure of the artist and the functionality and / or dysfunctionality of art. It’s an investigation that opens links with other cultural contexts such as anthropology, psychology, literature or music. He is mostly interested in the temporary and narrative condition of the exhibition and the possible emotional connections between audience and art. In recent years, he has worked in exhibition projects emerging from different narratives and performative readings of the landscapes.

During 2015 he curated several projects focused on a performative and narrative approach to the landscape: The Passing Place en Salón (Madrid), A Room with a View (L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca), The Mount Analogue (Invaliden1, Berlín), El pensamiento oceánico (EAC, Montevideo, Uruguay) and Richard T. Walker. In Accordance with Things (àngels Barcelona). With Martí Manen, He curated No Song to Sing at Adn Platform (Barcelona), an analysis of sound recordings as artistic displays. Currently his curatorial practice recovers certain interests in sound production, establishing links between contemporary art and musical context.


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