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Cristina Lucas

Cristina  Lucas
Cristina Lucas
Artist, Speaker

Born in Jaén in 1973. Lives and works in Madrid, Spain. With her work, Cristina Lucas, reminds us that art is a way of seduction that contributes to make us aware of what is happening in our society. Interested in the mechanisms of power, she analyzes the main political and economic structures dissecting them to reveal the existing contradictions between official history, reality and collective memory. She faces the flow of information trying to structure it into cartographies, installations or images, creating possible readings, although always unfinished. Her work has been presented in individual exhibitions at the Dos de Mayo Art Center in Móstoles, the Carrillo Gil Art Museum in Mexico; OK Centrum Linz, MUDAM Luxembourg; as well as in group exhibitions such as Manifesta 12 in Palermo; the 12th Shanghai Biennale; the 5th Ural Industrial Biennial or Diversity United in New Tretyakov Gallrey, Moscow.

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