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Claudia Schneider


Claudia Schneider
Claudia Schneider
She has a degree in Architecture from the higher technical school of Architecture of Barcelona. At the same time, she studied music at the Marshall Academy in Barcelona and her singing training was developed with Montserrat Aparici. She was awarded the third year of architectural study by the “Institut de Architettura de venezia” and took advantage of her stay in Italy to expand her singing studies at the “Scola Treviso”.
She won the “Concurs de noves Veus” organised by the Chamber Opera of Catalonia, and obtained a scholarship to complete her formation of Lied with Paul Schilawsky and Dalton Baldwin.
She has paid special attention to the world of contemporary opera, premiering works by Carles Santos, such as Ricardo and Elena, the circus opera Samaruck, L’Adéu de Lucrècia Borgia, or Joan Albert Amargós, such as Euridice and The Puppets of Charon. In 2016, she premiered at the Greek Festival the opera robotic puppets Gulliver’s Dream, with music by Elena Kats-Chernin and robotic art by Roland Olbeter.
In her life she develops her two passions with the same strength and dedication, singing and architecture.
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