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Cheng Xinhao


Cheng Xinhao
Cheng Xinhao

Cheng Xinhao (b.1985) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kunming, China. Cheng’s works are usually based on long-term field studies, focusing on his hometown in Yunnan Province. With videos, installations, photographs and words, he personally investigates the polyphonic relationships between logic, discussions, knowledge, and the part that nature, society, and history play within them.

Selected institution exhibitions include River Pulses, Border Flows, Times Museum (Guangzhou, 2022); The Language of Mushrooms: The Interspecies Internet, Contemporary Gallery Kunming (Kunming, 2022); I Recognized the World: Born in the 80s and 90s, MOCA Yinchuan (Yinchuan, 2021); An Archive: Seven Trails, Taikang Space (Beijing, 2020); Air Waste Health Water Energy Soil, Gleis 70 (Zurich, 2021); Re: Everything which exists under the sky, Gasworks (London, 2019).

Cheng’s works are in the publication collection of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen (Denmark), China Port Museum, Ningbo (China), and Contemporary Gallery.

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