Chantal Yzermans

Chantal  Yzermans
Chantal Yzermans

Chantal Yzermans is a Belgian choreographer/researcher, currently living in Paris. After her studies at the Royal Conservatory Antwerpen, Chantal moved to New York City in 2000.
As a dancer she studied daily for 6 years with Merce Cunningham and his company in New York. In 2009 Jan Fabre offered Chantal an artistic residency, in his venue Troubleyn/Laboratorium in Antwerpen. There she created Radical Low, the performance ensemble; continuing a permanent search of cooperation and presentation context for dance. Some artistic collaborators : Kurt Ralske (USA), Hrvatski (USA), Kota Yamazaki (JP), Jean Paul Lespagnard (BE) Carlos Aires( ES), MADmoizel (FR).  Until now Chantal Yzermans /Radical Low has produced 6 performances: An Angry Boy/Act one (2009), ONR- I/Act two (2010), Arena/Act three (2011), Guns/Roses (2012), Partner/You (2014), NOBOLERO (2016).