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Catarina Botelho

Catarina  Botelho
Catarina Botelho

Catarina Botelho is a Visual artist and director,  she lives between Barcelona and Lisbon.  Since 2005 she has participated in several exhibitions, residences and prizes particurarlly  in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Botelho also dedicates herself to education through art, and activism regarding the right to the city.  She is interested in the relations between spaces, places and architectures, their uses and inhabitations that do not comply with the logics of productivity: Maybe I can say that I am searching  for, in my artistic practice and in my life,  temporalities and practices that can create room  for thought and observation. Where there is a space for the rhythms of the  bodies or the cycle of day and the night.
She recently finished the Independent Studies Program at MACBA: Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Field Notes (2017), a generational gaze on the period of austerity policies in Portugal,  is her first film.

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