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Carolina Ciuti

1990, Pistoia

Carolina Ciuti
Carolina Ciuti
Artistic DIrector, Curator, Participant, Speaker

Carolina Ciuti is a contemporary art curator and researcher in the fields of visual and performing arts. She holds a BA in History and Preservation of the Artistic Heritage from the University of Florence (2009-2012) and an MA in Contemporary Art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London (2013-2015). During her university training, she collaborated with the Collezione Gori: Fattoria di Celle (Pistoia) and the artists residency Villa Lena (Pisa), being respectively in charge of the educational proposals, the guided tours and the assistance to the director. She currently serves as artistic director of the LOOP video art festival in Barcelona, ​​where she started working in 2015 as a curator. At LOOP, she has produced exhibitions, film programmes and performances by internationally recognised artists such as: Regina de Miguel, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Aleksandra Mir, Muntadas, Steina and Woody Vasulka and Anton Vidokle. She curated the group exhibitions And If Seeing Was Fire (Filmoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2020), One Day I Stumbled Upon A Meteorite (Fabra i Coats – Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona, 2019), PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCED (Real Cercle Artístic, Barcelona, 2018), the projects Francesca Banchelli: Before The Name (MACBA, Barcelona, 2016) and TRANSEUROPE EXPRESS (OfficeCafè, Pistoia, 2015), as well as the video programmes presented by LOOP at Cinéphèmère-FIAC Paris (editions 2017, 2018, 2019). She edited the publications One Day I Stumbled Upon a Meteorite (exhibition catalogue, stuffinabook, 2020), I Have A Friend Who Knows Someone Who Bought a Video, Once (LOOP Barcelona, ​​Mousse Publishing, 2016) and Before The Name: a book on an itinerant performance project. (RAM Editions, 2018). Ciuti is a permanent collaborator of the magazine of contemporary culture La Maleta de Portbou and she frequently contributes to the art catalogues of the publishing house Istituto Italiano Edizioni ATLAS. In 2017, she co-founded the art collective CRiB to create hybrid projects straddling the visual arts, theatre and performance. Whether through writing, curating, or research, all of Carolina’s projects denote a deep interest in the notion of ‘time’ in all its facets, its representation in the philosophical and cultural sphere, and its influence on the construction of identities.

Last update 3rd October 2020

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