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Carlos Llavata

1965, Valencia

Carlos Llavata
Carlos Llavata

Carlos Llavata (Valencia, 1964) Lives and works in Valencia, Spain.
If we take a fast glance to this particular works, we apreciate the strong phisical presence of the performer and his position within the global composition of the works results, witch manipulates a concept very attached to the idea of how the mecanisms of organization works out, and how those affect in a social relation, within the group, within the work, rules and jerarquy, power… In the work process , even, if we take a close look, the rituals that are made more conscious than other times, pops up protocoles, those appeard constantly and they are treated meaningfully in some way or another. The alteratation of protocoles derivate in to a perspective who generate great amount of layers.
Observing that those protocoles are in all kind of enviroments of our lives academic, politic, cultural, sports, militar, etc…How are the proportions of it use, and the real need of them. Are the protocols fighting against chaos? Is it a question of survival? Are they just a fashion behaviour? For to mantain power situations of control?
Video, photography and clay sculptures becomes and hybrid between the documentations and art work by itself, but in any case, they are residuals of the original action (performance), however they have a complete legimitation by themselves.

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