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Carlos Garaicoa

La Habana

Carlos  Garaicoa
Carlos Garaicoa

Carlos Garaicoa’s work speaks of the past and present through memory, decay, desire, architecture, utopia and the relationship between reality and fiction. The city as a representation of individual and collective memory has been a recurring subject in his work.
Garaicoa’s collaborations with Factum Arte have favored the development of projects technically linked to his conceptual interests, such as blind-embossing on paper (as seen in the subversive relief messages of Frases) or his architectural additions to images of buildings and landscapes: Para transformar la palabra política en hechos, finalmente II or his Reversal dyptichs. Other collaborations in polystyrene, bone and ceramics have emerged over the years.
In September 2010 a solo exhibition in Matadero Madrid featured tapestries made from high-resolution photographs taken on the streets of Havana, Cuba, and woven on a computer operated Jacquard loom in Belgium. His tapestries have been part of numerous exhibitions including Penelope’s Labour: Weaving Words and Images (Fondazione Giorgio Cini, 2011).

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