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Bani Brusadin

Bani Brusadin
Bani Brusadin
Curator, Researcher

Bani Brusadin is a curator, educator and researcher interested in the possible feedback loops between art, digital cultures, planetary-scale technologies and their politics. He currently collaborates with Medialab Matadero (Madrid) and Fundación Foto Colectania (Barcelona). He was one of the guest curators for the 2023 edition of the renowned Berlin-based festival of art and digital cultures transmediale. In the past he founded and co-curated The Influencers, a festival about experimental art, design and activist practices in the networked society, co-produced by the CCCB Barcelona (2004 – 2019). He holds a PhD in Advanced Artistic Practices (University of Barcelona) and teaches in BA and master degree programs at Elisava, the University of Barcelona, and Esdi. He is the author of the essay The Fog of Systems, published by Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art Ljubljana (2021).

Last update: November, 2023

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