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Ariadna Guiteras

Ariadna  Guiteras
Ariadna Guiteras

The work of Ariadna Guiteras (Barcelona, 1986) takes performance as a starting point to speculate from a political and visceral perspective about bodies, the power relations that constitute them, the shared knowledge that permeate them and the way in which this knowledge is transmitted. As a result, hers is a hybrid practice that often takes shape through text, voice, and installation. She has shown her work in different venues such as CentroCentro (Madrid), APA (Bruselas), Swab Performance (Barcelona), àngels barcelona, Cuarto Espacio (Zaragoza), Twin Gallery (Madrid), CA2M (Madrid), Sala Muncunill (Terrassa), H.AAC (Vic), Castillo de Montjuïc (Barcelona), Chalton Gallery (Londres), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona), Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Antic Teatre (Barcelona), MACBA (Barcelona), Werf 52 (Düsseldorf), Second Home (Berlin).

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