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Arent Weevers

1958, Ede

Arent  Weevers
Arent Weevers

Media artist Arent Weevers is a visual artist and theologian specialised in video art. His work aims to express the paradoxical nature of the human body: its vulnerability and its strength. Within this, he is fascinated by the interaction between both the physical and virtual body and space. Working with a high-speed camera, black cubes, triptych, 3D techniques, gives him the possibility of evoking this tension. The bodies look lifelike and seem so close you can almost touch them. You are not just observing something; you are part of it. These realistic images generate a range of new physical experiences and perceptions. In 2015 he received an award for his installation ‘Josephine’s Well’ at the 3D Film & Music Festival in Barcelona.

Last update: October 14th, 2019.


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