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Anne Commet

Anne Commet
Anne Commet

Anne Commet works on the experience of the landscape that she constructs in ordinary territories through an intimate connection and through repetitive wandering. By crossing the landscape and allowing herself to be crossed by it, the artist confronts her own interiority with that of the territory.

Through different mediums, such as painting, photography, and video, she bears witness to a past time and to what persists in our memories and through trails. Anne Commet has developed various projects in residence, notably at the Manoir de Mouthier Haute-Pierre with the DRAC Franche-Comté and since 2020 at POUSH Manifesto. She has participated in several exhibitions in France and abroad, including the ones at Crous de Paris, Guoyi Art Museum Beijing, Kunstverein Unna (Germany), La Nuit Blanche Paris, Galerie Sono, See Galerie.

For LOOP, Anne proposes her project Les Vagues, where the artist confronts two fixed shots in which wind and light strike the forest and the sea, inviting you to join their dance.

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