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Ángel / Clara Nieto

Ángel / Clara Nieto
Ángel / Clara Nieto

Ángel and Clara Nieto, respectively economist and a lawyer, live and work between Berlin and Madrid. They started acquiring contemporary art in the 2000s, and their collection now features pieces by internationally renowned artists such as Sergio Prego, Santiago Serra, Teresa Margolles, Iran do Espirito Santo, Melanie Smith, Lawrence Weiner, Cerith Wyn Evans, Mark Manders, Marcel Dzama, Katharina Grosse, Luisa Lambri, Ceal Floyer among others. In 2013, they founded A Window in Berlin, a non profit project conceived to exhibit and promote Iberian-American video art, through an old container set up as a screen in the street of the city. The project enjoys an itinerant nature, as it is meant to be travelling around Berlin, without its structure or content being affected by the changes in location.

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