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Andy Gracie

1967, London

Andy Gracie
Andy Gracie
Artist, Participant

Andy Gracie is a british artist based in Barcelona. In his work examines the opportunities that other disciplines offer to creative practice, such as biology, astronomy or robotics. In his works he uses different media that come from installations where sound, video or bioarte are conjugated as a language of his own. The whole of his work is situated between art and science, generating situations of interaction and exchange between emerging systems and behaviors. In his recent works he examines the cultural impact of space research and the science of astrobiology. The fundamental notion about the origins of life, and the analysis of where the edges of what we understand as living are situated, are the themes that show their artistic practice. His research points to the complexity of knowledge and the context where the relations between art and science are meaningful. Using scientific theory and practice as an artistic medium, he examines our relationships with the post-natural world and the notion of reality.

His work has been in exhibitions in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, USA, Japan, Mexico, China, Hong Kong and Australia. It has received special commissions for new works of the Arnolfini (Bristol, UK), Organisms in Barcelona and AV06 of the Northeast of England. He has exhibited at important festivals such as ISEA, Artbots, Radar, Ars Electronica and the robotics exhibition for the Capital of Culture in Lille 2004.

His works have received honorary mention of VIDA (2007) and Ars Electronica (2007 and 2015). He has written numerous articles and articles for magazines, web forums, catalogs and books.

Last update: May 23th, 2017

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