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Ananú Gonzales Posada

Ananú Gonzales Posada
Ananú Gonzales Posada
Artist, Curator
Lives and works between Barcelona, London and Lima.  She got her BA Fine Arts from the Universidad de Barcelona, specializing with an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL London and completed a Postgraduate Degree in Education in the London Institute of Education. Her work has been exhibited through Europe, UK and South America. She has also curated group and individual shows in London and Barcelona. She  recently showed at the Swab Art Fair this Oct 2023 and has taught in different colleges and art schools in Barcelona and London.
Ananú ‘s work conveys a contemporary practice in which she incorporates drawing, painting, installation work, objects, and photography, always from a pictorial perspective. The artist highlights the subtle margins that surround us, questioning the meaning of space and integrating it into the concept of the work. In her work the materials and poetic concept stand out, the innate nature of the materials, their bareness, and the contradictions demonstrate a constant strength in vulnerability. This unveils a political, sociological and poetic humanity.
“My starting point comes from urban life and fixed or temporary architecture, human movement and the objects that surround us. We live among waste, functional structures or displaced objects as invisible entities that project connection. All that remains is to observe the trace of the journey that leaves a residue of movement or a wink of the passage of time. Pungent scents, dog urine, sticks, stains, moving shadows, light shimmers, boxes, shapes, noises or chewing gum. I am interested in exploring and highlighting the subtle margins between the object and poetry that are created between encounters on the street. In these precise or random connections, I hope to find a visual story that kindles an emotion. Thus, questioning space and the perception we have of it, interrogating the fragility of our own nature, contradictions, loneliness and beauty in simple or discarded gestures.
Uncontrolled flow of information and the saturation of cities, reality seems to be an oasis. My work is an unceasing process of research where the connection and encounters of these materials and visual gestures long to communicate. “
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