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Amie Barouh

1993, Tokio

Amie Barouh
Amie Barouh

Amie Barouh creates an experimental documentary giving voice to those at the margin of society. ‘Film diary’ provides the foundation for her work as does the idea that all knowledge is subjective. Driven more by affinity than dogma to ‘make a film’, the video of Barouh, between documentaries and visual essays, aims first to transmit an experience, lived as it is.

The search of right proximity with those who she films gives constant tension to Barouh’s work. The camera, the third eye and arm of the artist, negotiates the nature of the relations in real-time that she, as a documentary artist but as a person before anything else, maintains with her subjects.

Presentation and subjective editing espouse her heartbeat where impressionistic or realistic images originate, reconstructing the full complexity of documenting the world to which we do not belong.

Written by Julie Akermann (shortened by the gallery)

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