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Alfonse Chiu

Alfonse Chiu
Alfonse Chiu
Artist, Curator

Alfonse Chiu (Taipei/Singapore/New Haven) is a writer, artist, curator, and current graduate student at the Yale School of Architecture. Their interests lie broadly in interrogating imaginaries of capital and ideologies as shaped by media infrastructures and networked economies so as to contemplate possible futures for bodies, societies, and the environment. Their present research revolves around a critical reading of the tropical belt as geo-economic imaginary and (neo)colonial hinterland, through a situated analysis of plantation capital and infrastructure in Southeast Asia. They are the founder of the Centre for Urban Mythologies (CUM), a critical research and artistic platform exploring the tropes and narratives of the urban condition to propose larger situated critiques of capitalism and Anthropocene positioned from the Global South. They are a finalist of the Young Climate Prize 2023 organised by The World Around, and the Fall 2021 e-flux journal fellow.

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