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Denise Araouzou and Aurélien Le Genissel present their selection of LOOP Fair 2020.

A curated selection by...

...Denise Araouzou

Curator Denise Araouzou presents us her selection of videos from LOOP Fair 2020 with a narrated virtual tour.

“I believe stories help make sense of it all by inviting us to listen, again. As a species we’ve always placed storytelling at the core of collectivisation and institution-forming, stories are the building blocks of the world’s religions, political movements and social upheavals. Some would say reality teaches us enough, one does not need to look to fiction for the truth. Yet, fiction as a narrative form creates space to imagine things yet to come, to try things that we have been told are impossible to realise, or things that have come and gone and we were too busy to notice. That is why fiction has enormous political importance, it gives us a chance to notice again so we can reflect on our agency, individually and collectively”.

...Aurélien Le Genissel

Curator and Fair Director Aurélien Le Genissel presents us his selection of videos from LOOP Fair 2020 with an improvised virtual tour.

“I would like to insist in this presentation in other mechanisms that video artist can use to create narrative, fictions and, in fact, storytelling. We usually associate narration with literature and, in a way, a certain use of language inherited from myths, legends and built by written language.
I think there’s a different approach, a kind of grammar of the image that is closer to Eisenstein’s third meaning, Roland Barthes’ concept of obtus or Deleuze’s image-crystal, represented here -and it’s not a coincidence- by four women and the way they deconstruct the traditional masculine structures of power hidden on storytelling”

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