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LOOP Barcelona joins the festival Le Nouveau Printemps in Toulouse

— An Evening of Immersive Video Art in the Heart of the Carmes-Saint-Étienne neighbourhood

LOOP Barcelona joins the festival Le Nouveau Printemps in Toulouse

‘LOOP Barcelona’ is pleased to announce its first collaboration with ‘Le Nouveau Printemps Festival’, which will take place in Toulouse May 31st, 2024.

‘Le Nouveau Printemps Festival’, founded by Mathé Perrin in 1991, has undergone multiple transformations while steadfastly supporting artists and fostering audacious creativity. This year, under the curation of author and filmmaker Alain Guiraudie, the festival explores the uncertainties and hopes of our times, reflecting on the fate of humanity.

The festival emphasizes art’s role in reconciling idealism with reality, challenging norms, and envisioning both dystopian and utopian futures. Embracing a youthful perspective, the festival spotlights emerging artists who use technology to reimagine beauty and confront societal boundaries.

On the evening of 31 May, you will be immersed in the magic of video art with projections in the charming private courtyards of the Carmes-Saint-Étienne district: from 9.30 pm to midnight, you can experience the “Nuit des Cours” by taking an evening stroll through 5 artistic proposals curated by ‘LOOP Barcelona’.

Line-up of Artists, Films and Locations:

Seba Calfuqueo – Tray Tray KO (2022) at Hôtel d’Espie.

Cecilia Bengolea – Lightning Dance (2018) at Hôtel Reynier – Lycée MYRiam.

Noémie Goudal – Below The Deep South (2021) at École Saint-Stanislas.

Fito Conesa – Anoxia. Un preludio constante (2023) at Cour Sainte-Anne.

Arash Fayez – I Can Only Dance to One Song (2021) at Hôtel de Marvejol.

Le Nouveau Printemps Festival will run from 30 May to 30 June 2024 in various venues across the Carmes-Saint-Étienne district.

The opening weekend is free and open to all!

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