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Fito Conesa’s “Anòxia, un preludi constant” will be presented at the 2023 edition of the Festival

— Winning project of the 9th Edition of the Video Creation Award

Fito Conesa’s “Anòxia, un preludi constant” will be presented at the 2023 edition of the Festival

"Anòxia, un preludi constant" is an opera in three acts that proposes different approaches to the current problems of the Mediterranean Sea.

The piece, which will last between 25 and 30 minutes, brings us closer to the degeneration of the ecosystem and at the same time tells us about an imminent ecocide. It is a chant that challenges the spectator and brings them closer to a present situation with consequences that are already known but poorly managed. It is an opera that, in stages, recounts some of the most evident problems to which the Mediterranean Sea has been subjected; a visual song that expands our questionable coexistence and narrates the darkness that will occur, but without detaining fatality as the only possible melody. It is an audiovisual work constructed in different phases, with diverse voices and multiple sensibilities.

The project is driven by the aim of promoting the work of artists who stand out for their innovative approaches in the creative process, with the use of video as the main creative and communicative element. It is a co-production between the Territorial Centres of the Public System of Visual Arts Facilities of Catalonia, Santa Mònica, the Department of Culture and LOOP Barcelona.

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