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Lúa Coderch

‘Wind Palace’ [Palau de Vent]

Lúa Coderch
‘Wind Palace’ [Palau de Vent]
  • Written and directed by: Lúa Coderch
  • Videography by: María Nova López (Inactes)
  • Music by: Ikram Bouloum & Mans O (Roman Daniel)
  • Sirens: Sonia Fernández Pan, Mafe Moscoso, Ikram Bouloum
  • Voice over: Antye Greie, Erica Wise, Ann Cotten
  • Production: María Nova López
  • Production assistant: Lúa Coderch
  • Direction: Lúa Coderch
  • Assistant to the director: Lluís Nacenta
  • Direction assistants: Huaqian Zhang, Paula Illescas
  • Camera: María Nova López
  • Camera assistant: Marta Ferrer Carné
  • Sound recording: Jordi Salvadó Isern
  • Editing: Lúa Coderch, Chema Mumford
  • Composition: Artic
  • Costume design: Huaqian Zhang
  • Costume design assistants: Anna Andreví, Irene Plaza
  • Graphic design: Paula Illescas Fernández
  • Radio melodies: Xavi Rodríguez, Dinou
  • Thanks to: àngels barcelona,, Fito Conesa, Montse Playà, Alberto Pérez, Sara Grau, Belinda Paredes, La Viandateca

Winning project of the 7th Edition of the Video Creation Award, ex-aequo with ‘The Potential History of Francesc Tosquelles, Catalonia, and Fear’ by Mireia Sallarès.

There are forms of disorientation that are not so much related to finding or searching for a direction in space or time as to the experience of a more diffuse and profound loss of meaning. Far from dealing with grand epic gestures, Wind Palace [Palau de Vent] is an exploration of the question of disorientation, a vital disorientation that is experienced as individual but is in fact shared, and that derives from the disorientation that comes from the realization that the stories that structure our lives are a kind of contemporary prophecy, outdated but still valid, that never end up being fulfilled. The video project freely adopts the structure of a classical tragedy, where a faceless protagonist walks through a nocturnal landscape, as in a dream, and the narrative seems suspended in time, without a denouement and without a moral lesson. As a chorus, he is accompanied by three dubious and elusive characters, the result of a revision of the figure of the mythological mermaid: voices that represent at once knowledge, attraction and danger, but also the possibility of tracing a meaning and a cardinality of their own.


* produced by the Territorial Centres of the Public System of the Visual Arts Equipments of Catalonia, Arts Santa Mònica, the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and LOOP.


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