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Hamza Halloubi

Walking and Talking

tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam

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Hamza Halloubi
Walking and Talking

For his new work, "Walking and Talking", Hamza Halloubi chose to shoot a film at a European museum for modern and contemporary art.

The film has the structure of a letter from a non-western visitor to a friend in which she reflects on the museum and its status in relation to its historical and cultural context. In this work, Halloubi focusses on the cultural and identity relationship between the visitor and the museum. The work seeks to question the status and the identity of western modern art from the point of view of a non-western visitor.

In his video works, Halloubi reduces the image to its most elementary form. According to Halloubi, reality always is a construction. In his films he uses spoken language to create yet another image. Halloubi’s works have exceptional evocative power. Walking and Talking was shot with a hand camera and presents current political themes in a poetical, almost subdued way. The viewer is guided by the voice of the reader. Basically Halloubi works from the situation of being disconnected: not completely Moroccan and neither European. This gives him the freedom to be able to look at the world from a different perspective.


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