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María Ruido

Le rêve est fini (The dream is over)

Rosa Santos,  Valencia

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María Ruido
Le rêve est fini (The dream is over)
47 min
Format & Technical

Edition of 10 + AP

  • Directed by: María Ruido
  • Script: María Ruido
  • Produced by: Museo Artium (Vitoria) y MoCAB (Belgrado)
  • Edited by: Ensamble
  • Camera: Roser Caminal, Khairi Jemli, María Ruido
  • Photography: Khairi Jemli
  • Voices: Mireille Fanon, the patron of El Ataia Shpiyard, Boubacar Diaw, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Ayoub Samet, Giacomo Sferlazzo
  • With texts by: María Ruido, from "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State" of Friederich Engels (1884), "The Wretched of the Earth" Frantz Fanon, "The Atlantic Man" by Marguerite Duras (1981)
  • Translations: Khairi Jemli, Samia Ben Tekaya, Lee Douglas
  • Filmed in: Tunisia, Kerkennah Islands, Djerba and Zarzis Island (Tunisia), Lampedusa Island (Italy), Tarragona (Spain) between December 2012 and Marcch 2014.
  • Special thanks to: Roser Caminal, Ayoub Samet and family, Giacomo Sferlazza, Associazione Askavuza, Fishers and El Ataia Shipyard, Boubacar Diew, Patrizia Mancini, Mireille Fanon

Le rêve est fini. The European dream is over, while agonizes our hegemony and our autonomy sinks; but also the dream of revolution seems to have ended, at least temporarily, and Africa´s uprising that Frantz Fanon was waiting, is yet to come. Here we stand, looking at the horizon and gestating, between one shore of the Mediterranean and the other, new revolutionary waves and new dreams sustained on anothers epistemologies, builders of other cosmologies, mestizo, hybrid, without a hierarchy.


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