Rui Calçada Bastos

Le Spectateur Éternel

Bruno Múrias, Lisboa

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Rui Calçada Bastos
Le Spectateur Éternel
5 min 50 s
Format & Technical

Projection video
Edition of 3

The latest work of Rui Calçada Bastos, the film Le spectateur éternel (2016), is almost like a summing up of his work until now. It includes travelling and the acknowledgement of home at the same time. After years of extensive travel or constant displacement, he has returned to his hometown of Lisbon. While having arrived, he cannot escape the very impulse, which has been guiding his works since the beginning, making a virtue out of homelessness. Having always been on the move, he finally decides to stay at home and ventures on a journey in the confines of his room. We never see the wandering inhabitant, but the lens of the camera shows us that his eyes take delight in the sensations of the room, the armchair, the play of reflections of the moving sun on the walls and only occasionally venturing to the window, contemplating the fleeting shadows cast by passing airplanes over the facades of the neighbouring houses. A kind of travel that he has left behind.