Tao Hui



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Tao Hui
19 min 32 s
Format & Technical

Single channel installation, Loop, HD video, black and white, sound
Edition of 5 + 2 AP

  • Music: 'The wall under the grass and a man behind the tree’ by Zhang Shou Wang
  • Voice: Sound Recording: Li Jie Strings Player: Li Daiguo
  • Produced By: Zhang Qi
  • Photography: Cameraman: Du Qian
  • Cast: Father: Ma Jianfeng; Mother: Xue Qing; Duaghter: Chen Jingyang; Duaghter’s Classmate: Li Xiaran; Doctor: Li Chunying
  • Special Thanks: Philip Tian, Flicia Chen, Bian Ka, Yuan Jiamin, Wang Xiaoqv, Ran Shihao, Li Shurui, Hua Xiyu, Fu Wejia, Yang Song, Ye Feiran, Zhang Tianji, Roberto Ceresia
  • Supported by: UCCA

In the multi-channel video installation Excessive, Tao Hui draws viewers in with a narrative of conflict. A young girl’s extra finger causes enormous grief in her family, leading her to cut it off with a kitchen knife and burn it to ashes. Here, Tao Hui eliminates the backdrop of each scene, leaving only the characters with a few props with a male’s narration throughout the video. This technique brings emphasis to the actors within the piece. In the exhibition space, Tao Hui leaves a decorative box housing the ashes of the incinerated finger with a screen at the back projecting the act of the burning. These physical annotations allow the artworks to transgress the virtual into the real.