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Diogo Pimentão

Contact(s) // level of communication

RocioSantaCruz, Barcelona

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Diogo Pimentão
Contact(s) // level of communication
16 min 47 s

In Diogo Pimentão’s work the movement towards drawing is the starting point. Thismovement is a built up manifested by volume, objects, sound, video or performance. The medium of video has been one of these means of research for about a decade. Searching through graphic explorations is more important than finding. Contact(s) // level of communication, 2019, created for LOOP, brings together anew version of a video work from 2011 which he revisited for sixth times. It is a crucial workwhere the body and the image test their limits and draw a space together. Pimentão’s work is usually a way to probe the space of the exhibition and to re-create by the sametoken. Contact(s) // level of communication plays with the setting of a private, intimatespace harbouring another kind of speculative space, that of video. A screen is an empty, activated, space. An empty space is a volume filled, like a a room. Diogo Pimentão presents avideo of a body jumping and falling turnedinto a bidimensional sculpture, momentarily, since the sound of breathing and effortreminds us that bodies live, inhabit and interact in and with spaces. Contact(s) // level of communication is a diptych, two video “objects” that communicate with each otherthrough the spectator.

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