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Tang Chao

Astronaut Doll

Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

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Tang Chao
Astronaut Doll
10 min 1 s
Format & Technical

Edition of 5 + 1

Based on common sense, time has always been lapsing through a linear way, which is a default experience, to put aside all the personal experience of privacy. But time experiences of different people in different circumstances always have strange distortions. This distortion has become an inquiry on time inclusivity. By exploring how the inclusivity of time changes the viewing angle of people, Tang Chao, at the same time also tried to break ways shaped up by common sense.
The work brings the viewer into a strange space, the viewing angle is replaced by the sound, and the viewing and the hearing become a replacement relationship. It seems that this is an improvisational performance. The camera in hand is only a record suddenly breaking into, which attempt to zoom in and integrate details hidden behind the images. However, the artist with handheld camera has become one of the most inconspicuous materials, to blank in the original subject position on the contrary. Tang Chao seems to obscure the concept of time and then reorganize it consciously. The seemingly simple and repetitive images are prepared for resolution while being displayed. For the viewer, likewise, we are deceived by the images that can be viewed, and this deception after conversion also brings the illusion of the absolute subject.


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