Chen Qiulin

Another Day

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu

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Chen Qiulin
Another Day
15 min 13 s
Format & Technical

Single Channel HQ Video
Edition of 3+2AP

Another Day is a project completed by Chen Qiulin from 2014 to 2016, including video, installation and photography. The project presents an examination of the life of women from the remote mountainous areas of the southeastern Guizhou Province. In this work, another day is not twenty-four hours in the general sense but is to describe the state of repetition in its real meaning. In processing this Another Day project, the artist went deep into the Yi villages in southwestern China, where everything showed a quiescent state of paradise in the stark contrast to the city‘s hustle and bustle; and this day-to-day stilly calm seems to condense the air, and involuntarily cause the fear to people.
In China, women living in remote villages are not only far from the modern urban life; their habits and thoughts are also subjected to the customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. The most typical scenario is that in family life, they cannot enjoy the same status as men. The “bed”, for these women living in that mountainous area, is the only personal space that brings privacy and freedom. Therefore, in Another Day, the bed as the main body appeared in the installation and the video and photography with local females becomes the portrayal of the reality of local women’s survival. In the work, Chen Qiulin injected her sensitive subtle observations and experiences, discovered the virtues of women living in this area and their worships to traditions, and further incorporate these features into the heroine of this film by featuring her generally walking between the village alleys with empty soul, showcasing the ancient traditions that are left and marginalized yet not abandoned in the depths of modern civilization. Through the combination of multiple medias – video, photography and installation, Another Day manifests its profound observation and reflection on the life of the Yi women: the silent character of these women living here was created by the closed environment, the monotonous state of life is not god’s will, but it has become an indescribable fate for them.