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TALK. VÍDEO-RÉGIMEN. Coleccionistas en la era audiovisual

— Carles Guerra in conversation withEmilio Pi and Helena Fernandino

Wednesday 3 June 2015

TALK. VÍDEO-RÉGIMEN. Coleccionistas en la era audiovisual

Art critic and curator Carles Guerra converses with collectors Emilio Pi and Helena Fernandino in the context of the exhibition ‘VÍDEO-RÉGIMEN. Coleccionistas en la era audiovisual‘, that took place at Cercle del Liceu during LOOP Barcelona 2015, and had been previously on show at Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid.
The result is a lively conversation on the paradoxes surrounding video as a medium, its status as a collectible, its distribution and preservation, as well as the much debated role of collectors in video and film production. Holding about 1000 titles (among which are archival pieces, editions and video installations), the Collection Pi Fernandino functions as a magnifying lens on the history and evolution of the medium, while it also positions itself among those “pedagogical collections” to be shared with and enjoyed by people.

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