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‘Strategies for the Creation of a Museum of the Future’

Thursday 18 November 2021, 12:30 — 1:15 pm

‘Strategies for the Creation of a Museum of the Future’
Image of the Ulsan Museum of Art. Courtesy of the museum.

"The identity of the Ulsan Museum of Art lies in digital media art. We are pursuing a museum for the future," said Jin-suk Suh.

Taking into consideration the social roles and functions that a contemporary museum should play, Jinsuk Suh will talk about his project for the Ulsan Museu of Art in Korea. The Museum will open early next year as the first major art museum in the eighth-largest city in South Korea. It will specialize in digital media art, encompassing the fast-evolving digital art genre. Now in its final stage of construction, it will open on January 6th 2022 with five inaugural exhibitions.


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