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Origin, Body, City at Torre Barrina

— Film presentation

Friday 19 May 2017, 6 pm

Origin, Body, City at Torre Barrina

by Matteo Guidi & Claudio Zulián

This film is the joint work of participants of the workshop led by artists Claudio Zulian (Campodarsego, Italy, 1960) and Matteo Guidi (Italy, 1978) at the centre Torre Barrina in l’Hospitalet. As contribution to the overall theme of this year’s LOOP Festival on the beginnings of video art, the film offers a personal meditation on Nam June Paik’s oeuvre. It is also an exploration of the city of l’Hospitalet through the performance of young members of the local Associació Ítaca and the images that the urban environment suggests.

Participants of Cultur_Lab de Torre Barrina: Victoria Ávila, Ivan Bassols, Illiane Caparrós y Martín Palkvov.

To view the short film, please visit the following link:

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