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On the Online Circulation of Video

— Sandra Terdjman and Carolina Ciuti in conversation with Barbara London and Hans Op de Beeck.

Wednesday 21 November 2018, 3 pm

On the Online Circulation of Video
Series of images selected from VIDEOCLOOP Archive

Sandra Terdjman (Co-Founder, Council and Kadist) and Carolina Ciuti (LOOP Artistic Director) will briefly present the KVL VIDEOCLOOP initiative to later engage in a conversation around the online circulation and distribution of video, along with Barbara London (independent curator) and Hans Op de Beeck (artist).


VIDEOCLOOP is a public platform dedicated to the preservation, promotion and study of experimental video and film by contemporary artists. It offers online access to a video collection that is mainly nourished by the LOOP Fair’s different editions, since its beginnings in 2003. The release of VIDEOCLOOP is the natural culmination of a process of studying and learning, which has gone hand in hand with the mutation and evolution of video at a formal and conceptual level.

* The activity is subsidized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports


ABOUT KADIST Video Library:

KADIST Video Library (KVL) is an online platform designed to facilitate public access to video artworks by artists represented in the KADIST collection. The library includes limited edition video titles to preview for the sake of research, education, and enjoyment, as well as prospective loans to art institutions. By creating a free account, KVL visitors can stream videos directly from the KADIST website, find information related to the artwork and artist, and request to borrow artworks for exhibitions and programs. Thanks to KADIST’s unique search tool, video titles are discoverable not only by artwork descriptions or an artist’s biographical information, but also more abstractly through ideas related to a work. By providing greater access to works in the collection, we hope to act as a public resource while also encouraging more exhibition and screening opportunities for KADIST artists worldwide.

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