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Mobile Artefacts and Itinerant Bodies

— Workshop in collaboration with EINA University School of Design and Art of Barcelona

12 — 22 July 2021

Mobile Artefacts and Itinerant Bodies

Workshop on the design of mobile artefacts, which is articulated around an exhibition project to be presented in the framework of the next edition of the video art festival LOOP Barcelona.

Through two theoretical classes, three practical sessions, a visit to the artistic residencies and La Escocesa, and a presentation of results, the workshop will foster a space for multidisciplinary reflection on the cross notions between “design and art, ephemeral spaces and public space, performative practices and audiovisual projections”.

The practical sessions will consist of collaboratively conceptualising the design of mobile artefacts for ephemeral interventions in public space, with the aim that one of them can be produced to host the exhibition that will take place in November 2021.

The workshop is conceived as a collaboration between EINA and LOOP, to facilitate a space for learning, exploration and integration in a real project. From 9 to 21 November 2021, the LOOP Barcelona video art festival will host a travelling exhibition that will reflect on the possibilities of networking and the value of public space as a meeting place.

For ten days, an artefact or mobile device will become the ephemeral stage for audiovisual and performative proposals, tracing an exhibition itinerary outside the city’s art institutions. In connection with the general theme of the edition, the works presented by the residents of Hangar and La Escocesa will explore the idea of the body from a biological, performative and social point of view.

The workshop Mobile Artefacts and Itinerant Bodies is offered to a small group of participants to take part in the theoretical sessions, visits and practical sessions, while encouraging critical debate around issues such as ephemeral construction, sustainability and the crossover between disciplines.


You can register for the programme by clicking here.

More information here.

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